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Arrayan Faylin is a female half-orc wizard living in Palischuk in the northeastern region of Vaasa. Her full name being Arrayan Faylin Maggotsweeper[1].


Arrayan's appearance favors the human half of her heritage - her features combine the most attractive qualities of all her racial aspects. Her reddish-brown hair is long and soft, flowing as if her face is framed by a soft red halo. She is short, like many orcs, but because of her elven blood, Arrayan was far from stocky with delicate shoulders. Her face is orclike wide but set with un-orclike large emerald green eyes, thick lips, narrow angled eyebrows and a button nose. She is in her mid-twenties. She often wears leather breeches and a vest, and a thin belt with several pouches for her spell components, as well as a set of writing components. Sometimes she dons a blue robe of light material over her clothes, held together at her waist by the belt.[2]


Arrayan received one of Zhengyi's writings from her uncle to study[3]. Her life-force triggered the unleashing of the Witch-Kings power and the book started to create a replica of Castle Perilous in due course draining Arrayan of her life-force. Arrayan along with her companion Olgerkhan and a troup under command of Ellery Dragonsbane set out to unravel the mystery of book and castle and save her life. Her uncle Wingham gave her and Olgerkhan Rings of arbitration so that the drain of her life-force be compensated by Olgerkahn's own. After the defeat of the castle and its dweomers, Arrayan and Olgerkhan returned to Palischuk.

Relationship with OlgerkhanEdit

Arrayan had known Olgerkhan for all her life but only during the crisis within the construct of Zhengyi had she come to understand the truth of her feelings for him.[4] They are soon to be married.


Arrayan has human and orc blood in her, and also some elf, so her mother told her.

Arrayan is the niece of Wingham[5].

As a teenager, Arrayan learned her wizardly craft in a wizard's tower in Damara[6].

Appearance in BooksEdit


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