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Arrizz was a drow elf in the Moonsea.[2]


Arrizz lived as a member of a drow noble house very far from the Moonsea until he betrayed his house and struck out on his own. He escaped pursuit by bounty hunters in the Underdark until he reached Moonsea.[2]

Near Cormanthor, Arrizz met the moon elf scout Deriel Rethslane and the two fell in love.[1]

During the Rage of Demons[as of when?], Arrizz was pursued by duergar bounty hunters and contracted the darkborne rot illness. So he hid near the Goodroot farm. Unfortunately, he infected the half-elf farmers, and they died. Soon after, the farmer's daughter, Constance Goodroot, found him but a patrol of Red Plumes arrived to retrieve the red dye that the Goodroots produced from the beet juice harvested on the farm, as well as some adventurers and even two duergar bounty hunters.[2]

Later, Arrizz was saved from his illness but was captured by the Red Plumes and destined to go to the Hillsfar Arena. His lover Deriel negotiated an exchange for him: she would delivered to them worthy fighters and they would release Arrizz.[1] At last after a riot in the Arena Arrizz was freed by the adventurers[3]




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