Arrow demons were valued tanar'ri made specifically to fight in the armies of the Abyss.


Emaciated but possessing unnatural strength for its frame, an arrow demon's body is also completely hairless. Its gray skin feels like cured leather but also has a strange wetness to the touch. Otherwise humanoid, an arrow demon's remarkable feature is its four arms, with which it can wield two large longbows expertly despite being not much taller than an above average human.


Arrow demons are fielded by their commanders in large units where they do what they do best and rain huge numbers of large arrows down on their foes. They are often shielded from melee combat by masses of demonic fodder, allowing them to concentrate on firing off as many shots as they can. When in smaller groups, arrow demons make extensive use of their ability to cast Dimension door to maximise their damage potential while minimizing the wounds they suffer.

More often than not, arrow demons carry quivers of arrows set with heads made from alchemical silver, adamantine, and/or cold iron to overcome the resistances of their most commonly-encountered otherworldly enemies.


Though originally found only in the Abyss, Avernus and the Blood Rift - where the Blood War was most commonly fought - they later spread to the rest of the Lower planes, crossing planar borders when the Blood Rift moved close enough to bridge them. Conjurers are also to blame for bringing arrow demons to Faerûn with summoning spells.



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