Arsekaslyx was a red dragon member of the Cult of the Dragon. She was called to the Well of Dragons to reinforce the defense of the Cult's stronghold there.[2]


Arsekaslyx enjoyed playing with the Cult's commanders in the Well; she kept her presence secret from Naergoth Bladelord to avoid a confrontation for power. On the other hand, she tempted Vargo Kent with the secret of becoming a half-dragon dracolich.[2]


In order to retain her sanity during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR, she used an artifact called the bone scepter of Zceryll, known as the "the star-spawn", which protected her from the Rage's effects but also warped her physiology.

She arrived at the Well of Dragons in around 1373 DR and remained there until at least 1479 DR.[3]


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