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An artifact was a type of magic item of exceptional power that could not be reproduced using normal magical means. Artifacts created through spiritual means were sometimes called relics.[1]

This diverse category included the works of the great civilizations of old, such as Netheril, as well as the many magical creations of deities.

Minor artifactsEdit

  • Arbane's Sword of Agility[2]
  • Heart of Kazgaroth
  • Finder's Stone
  • Azureedge[2]
  • Blast Scepter[2]
  • Glowstone[2]
  • Great Druid's Staff[2]
  • Greenstone Amulet[2]
  • Moonblade[2]
  • Rod of Valmaxian[2]
  • Shimmaryn[2]
  • Starry Gnosis[3]
  • Shadow Shard (p. 152-3 Shadowdale)
  • Midnight's Moon (p. 153 Shadowdale)
  • Windsong Towerkin Ring (p. 153 Shadowdale)
  • Windsong Towerkin Ring, Greater (p. 153 Shadowdale)
  • Myrjala's Shards (p. 148 Anauroch)
  • Tablets of Pharyssolynth (p. 149 Anauroch)
  • Storm Star (p. 180-1 Lords of Darkness)
  • Chardalyn (p. 181 Lords of Darkness)
  • Maguscepter (p. 181 Lords of Darkness)
  • Shield of the Hidden Lord (p. 181 Lords of Darkness)
  • Book of Perfect Balance (p. 75 Underdark)
  • Portal Demolisher (p. 75 Underdark)
  • Talisman of Pure Neutrality (p. 76 Underdark)
  • Tome of Books (p. 76 Underdark)
  • Underdark Map, Lesser (p. 76 Underdark)
  • Universal Key (p. 76 Underdark)
  • Horned Ring (p. 151 Waterdeep)
  • Master Ring of the Scaladar (p. 151 Waterdeep)
  • Rod of Lathander (p. 151-2 Waterdeep)
  • Andrathath's Mask (p. 68 Waterdeep)
  • Claw of the Revenancer (p. 129 City of the Spider Queen)
  • Dread Doorway (p. 57 Shining South)
  • Great Elixir (p. 57-8 Shining South)
  • Zarangan (p. 58 Shining South)
  • Shattering Swords of Coronal Ynloeth (p. 126 Players Guide to Faerûn)
  • Chassabra's Pendant (p. 130 Dragons of Faerûn)
  • Diamond Scepter of Chomylla (p. 131 Dragons of Faerûn)
  • Helm of Supreme Wizardry (p. 131 Dragons of Faerûn)
  • Scepter of the Tyrant's Eye (p. 163 Forgotten Realms Campaign Sourcebook)
  • Shadowstone (p. 115 Champions of Ruin)
  • Crown of Narfell (p. 72 Champions of Valor)
  • Jathiman Dagger (p. 169 Faiths and Pantheons)
  • Mythallar (p. 156 Lost Empires of Faerûn)
  • The Ironwood (p. 57-8 Unapproachable East)
  • Shazzelurt (p. 58 Unapproachable East)
  • Talisman of Shajar (p. 14-15 Cities of Bone: Campaign Guide)
  • Iron Bow and Hammer of Gesen (The Horde cards)
  • Acorn of Wu Mai (The Horde cards)

Major artifactsEdit

Major artifacts were usually creations of the gods themselves or at the very least brought into existence through never-before attempted magical exertion or a powerful phenomenon.[citation needed]


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