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An unremarkable man, Arvin uses his easily forgettable appearance to his advantage, slipping between the cracks of society. He has short, dark hair and wears a clay cat's eye bead around his neck.


Arvin was orphaned at a young age when his psionicist mother died of a plague. He spent his later childhood and adolescence at an orphanage headed by the priests of Ilmater, weaving ropes. He later took to the streets of Hlondeth where he was intercepted and put to work by the local thieves guild, making magical ropes exclusively for their use. Arvin is kidnapped by The Pox, and poisoned. The yuan-ti, Zelia neutralizes his poison and coerce's him into spying for her. They discover that Arvin is able to manifest psionic powers, such as the ability to charm and to move small objects with his mind. [1]


References Edit

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