Ruinlord Asdag was the head of internal security and head torturer of the Zhentarim in 1370 DR.[1]


Asdag was a cold and cruel person.[2]


Asdag was a cleric, first as a High Priest of Bane,[2] then Cyric[1], and later of Iyachtu Xvim, always following his master, Fzoul Chembryl.[3]

Around 1367 DR, he was the adviser of Guthbert Golthammer, military commander of Teshwave, but in truth he directed Guthbert's decisions, being the real lord of the dale.[3]

Later, Asdag was transferred to Zhentil Keep, where he assumed a position as head of internal security, just under Fzoul. He used this position to spy inside Xvim's clergy, on Lord Orgauth, and other power groups in the city for his master.[1]


Asdag was a fat and tall man with a preference for black dress with crimson cloaks. He cultivated this look in order to inspire an air of evil power.[3]


In his days in Teshwave, Asdag often found it incredibly easy to manipulate the slow-witted mind of Guthbert. However, Guthbert considered him a loyal advisor.[3]

On the other hand, Asdag was loyal to Fzoul.[1]



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