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Ashaba was a water wizard[1] and the first Lord of Shadowdale after driving the drow out of the Twisted Tower in 906 DR.[2] Ashaba ruled Shadowdale for thirty four years until 940 DR.[3]

Ashaba created the Pendant of Ashaba, to be used to determine the rightful lord of Shadowdale.[3]

Ashaba ultimately changed himself into a water elemental in 940 DR[3] and merged with the river that he gave his name to, the River Ashaba.[1]


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Lords of Shadowdale
Ashaba (904–940 DR) • Joadath (1273–1300 DR) • Aumry Obarskyr (1300–1339 DR) • Jyordhan (1339–1345 DR) • Doust Sulwood (1348–1353 DR) • Mourngrym Amcathra (1353–1375 DR) • Azalar Falconhand (1375–1459) • Adee Ulphor (1459-onwards)

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