Asilther Graelor was an Harper.[1]


Asilther followed always Mintiper, as she saw it, she owed her life to him. She preferred wilderness than cities.[1]


Asilther was saved by Mintiper Moonsilver from Calishite slavers. She regained health but not memory, she only remembered to had born in the Forest of Tethir. She lived thieved slavers, especially those from Calimshan and was usually in company of Mintiper. Asilther was an acquaintance of lady Alustriel of Silverymoon and had many dealings with the Lords of Waterdeep but very few knew she was an Harper. Asilther usually performed missions like protecting and guiding some individuals, shadowing or kidnapping others and killing agents of Luskan and of Zhentarim. One of her best exploit was thieved most of the hoard of the adult black dragon Shammagar in mountain north of Waterdeep. Shammagar promised revenge but Asilther discovered thank to exploits of Mirt the secret name of the dragon, that was obliged to avoid a direct confrontation. Later some said she made peace with the dragon, agreeing to restore his hoard. Probably for this Asilther thieved alone a Luskan ship full of treasures raided in Ruathym and directed it to the new lair of Shammagar.[1]



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