Askar (askara for females) were the most common kind of warrior found in Zakhara. They served as the backbone of any defense.[1][note 1]


Askar had no special requirements.[1]

Role Edit

Many elite warriors began their careers as askar. They often served as caravan guards, city soldiers, or palace guards. Askar were typically found in urban areas and were more civilized than other warriors. The sky was the limit for how high a warrior beginning as an askar could rise. Many askar were extremely patriotic and were easily offended if their homeland was insulted.[1]

Equipment Edit

Askar used a wide variety of weapons and equipment to suite their needs.[1]

Special Benefits Edit

Any askar dwelling in their hometown was extremely comfortable and able to move about the city and undertake social interactions such as haggling with ease. Special favors or discounts from merchants were common as well.[1]

Special Hindrances Edit

Askar had no special weaknesses other than their short tempers when their homeland was insulted.[1]

Appendix Edit


  1. Askar was a fighter class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.

References Edit

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