Askoro Imo was a hengeyokai bushi adventurer in Kozakura.[1]


Imo was always a traveler, never remaining for too long in a place, even if was a good one. Imo want always saw new things, met new people, and vanquished new foes. Also from a map inherited by his father he searched for the lair of a great creature that was afraid of cats and after vanquished made rich the one who defeated it.[1]

In 1357 DR, Imo was among the candidates values by Ko Mei Kho for the mission in Akari.[1]

In 1358 Imo was finally persuaded by friends and surviving family that the map represented no more than a fanciful illustration drawn by his father, and that the cat-fearing creature didn't exist. However soon after his father appeared to him in a dream telling that map was true but details were incorrect and revealed to Imo the true map. It is unclear if Imo truly trust his map anymore, but he was continuing to explore when was possibly approached by Ko Ho San[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

Askoro Imo is a pre-generated PC for use in adventures in Akari. He was presented again upgraded for adventure in T'u Lung.


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