An aspergillum, also called an aspergill, was an implement used for spraying holy water.[1][2]


Aspergillums came in various designs, but often took the form of a small metal club or light mace, sometimes hanging on the end of a chain. Each had a reservoir inside that would contain a quantity of holy water, ranging from one to three flasks' worth (1–3 pints, or 0.47–1.4 liters). Pressing a button on the shaft opened up the perforations in the head, allowing holy water to leak out. Alternatively, an aspergillum on a chain could be swung or whirled to spray out the holy water. In this way, the aspergillum could spray holy water over a short distance, using one flask's worth per shot, but over a greater distance than simply throwing or pouring it.[1][2]

They could be made of basic metals (costing 5 gp), or of silver (20 to 50 gp) or gold (45 gp).[1][2]

The heavy aspergillum was designed as a melee weapon, with the effectiveness of a heavy mace.[3]


The aspergillum was used by priests to sprinkle holy water and dispense the power of their god, whether in blessing or spellcasting, in both the temple and on the battlefield.[1] Many adventurers employed them too, for simply spraying monsters with holy water.[2]

Aurora's Emporium sold chained aspergills in both silver (20 gp) and gold (45 gp) versions.


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