Astral stalkers are abominations created by the gods as weapons for use in the Dawn War. Devious and bloodthirsty killers, astral stalkers have served since the Dawn War primarily as bounty hunters and assassins, though often they hunt simply for the sake of the challenge in cornering dangerous prey.[1]

Originally, astral stalkers were created by the gods in order to fight the primordials and their servants. Since the Dawn War, the astral stalkers have fallen away from their old allegiances, becoming independent from their creators. Astral stalkers often gather in small tribes, led by the most skilled hunter within the group.[1]

Physical characteristicsEdit

Astral stalkers are greenish-black humanoids, and are roughly the size of a human, though they appear notably more bestial. With toothed mouths, long, razor-sharp claws, and glowing eyes, astral stalkers look appropriately predatory for a race with such a function as theirs. Each of the astral stalkers’ claws, of which there are five on each hand, in an arrangement similar to a human’s fingers, is easily the length of a human’s forearm, and are deadly when in use, capable of immobilizing a creature struck with them.[1]

Astral stalkers possess a number of other supernatural abilities that aid them in their hunts, including the ability to turn invisible. While so hidden, astral stalkers often use venomous darts of bone hidden within their throat to poison their prey or even knock them unconscious. Astral stalkers also have an uncanny ability to pinpoint the location of their prey, even if they are unable to see them.

Combat Edit

Astral stalkers regard all other creatures as potential prey. Although they seek to test themselves against stronger and stronger prey, astral stalkers are neither stupid nor foolhardy, and rarely engage in combat without first preparing the hunting ground and sizing up their foes. They favor ambushes designed to weaken the prey before bringing it down.[1]


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