Malevolent sphinxes whose heads resemble goat skulls.


An astrosphinx uses its two great horns to attack with a head-butt first, striking with each horn separately. Its bite is vicious and the claw-like hands are enough to finish most prey off in one hit. In rare instances (5% of the time) the creature wields a magical chaos sword of a large proportion. The magic sword is of +1 enchantment and deals additional damage to lawful opponents. In melee the astrosphinx attacks homicidally, mindlessly until nothing living is still standing. As a rule the sphinx starts combat with its chain lightning first, followed on the next by its breath weapon and then launches itself into melee.

Breath weaponEdit

Like dragons, the astrosphinx's have a breath weapon. They may breathe a cone of sleep gas (80 ft long and 40 feet wide). Targets caught will fall asleep for 1-6 minutes. Victims in wildspace in their own air-bubble remain asleep until the gas is somehow flushed out of the air supply.


The most feared attack of the astrosphinx is the ability to shoot a chain lightning, from its eye sockets. It takes awhile to build up enough static to hurl this ball lightning to their foes. While building up the energy, the pinpoints of light in the eye sockets slowly turn from violet to bright gold while filling the sockets. After the chain lightning discharges, the pinpoints reduce to their normal size and revert to red. At this time the eyes of the astrosphinx have overcharged and the astrosphinx is blinded for the rest of the round while the eyes recover from the blast. Again a short while later the eyes revert back to their normal color, meaning the eyes have recharged.