Athalee was an elf living in Kryptgarden Forest in past ages.[1]


Athalee was in a forgotten past a scholar who lived and died in Kryptgarden.[1]

In 1489 DR, the Red Wizard necromancer Zaralda raised him as an undead like many others.[2] However, he was able to resist the compelling orders of the necromancer. Hating his new condition, Athalee attacked Zaralda and her allies, hoping to die with his tormentor.[1]

In the end, after an attack in which he killed many cultists and Thayans, an adventuring party hired to defeat Claugiyliamatar assaulted Zaralda and her minions.[1] Sensing the good will of the adventurers, he tested them to solve a riddle. After they solved it, Athalee manifested and offered his aid against Old Gnawbones in exchange for the death of Zaralda and the adventurers agreed.[2]




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