Atherton Cooper, also known as Sneakabout, was an unusually tall, hawk-nosed halfling thief who often wore leathers and wielded the magic sword Godsbane before it was stolen from his village by the Zhent army led by Cyric.


Atherton liked to show off his tracking skills. He was found very entertaining by Kae Deverell and his men.


Sneakabout had many allies: Radnor, the Cormyrian ranger; Midnight, the magic-user from Deepingdale, and Midnight's companions, Kelemvor and Adon.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Little is known about Sneakabout's early life. He was known to have stolen Godsbane from its previous owner before killing him, but not before the sword's former owner had gone mad.

Time of TroublesEdit

Atherton Cooper met Midnight's band shortly after his village was razed by the Zhentarim and the halflings of his village had robbed them blind. During the battle, Cyric stole Godsbane and Atherton's pony. He died trying to recover the blade.

After DeathEdit

After Sneakabout died, he helped Midnight find her way around Bone Castle, although he was complaining constantly that he would be the one to drive Adon into the Wall of the Faithless, and that nothing could be changed now. After Midnight ascended to godhood, Midnight, now Mystra, sent Yondalla to investigate the case of Atherton Cooper.



  1. Although his alignment is noted as chaotic good on page 11 of the Waterdeep adventure, it's also mentioned that he had chaotic neutral tendencies due to the influence of Godsbane.




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