Atia Scorvo was a medusa member of the Cult of the Black Earth in the Earthspur Mountains in 1491 DR.[1]


Atia was a cruel and vain individual. She believed that all must admit that Atia was the most beautiful being. Those who eloquently praised her could sometimes delay their doom, but never for long. Atia also liked to play with her victims, offering an alliance but then quickly rejecting them and destroying anyone who believed her.[1]


Atia Scorvo was once a queen in Chessenta. She became obsessed with searching for the perfect suitor for her. Atia tried to fuse her most beautiful servants together in new bodies. For these crimes, she was transformed into a medusa.

In recent times, by 1491 DR, she joined the Cult of the Black Earth and with her new powers and gargoyle minions she took control of the mystical Chamber of Falling Stones in the Earthspur Mountains, reconsecrating it to Ogremoch. She managed to defeat the Ludwakazar dwarves, mortally wounding their king, Iorn Ludwakazar.

However, an adventuring party hired to clear the mine eventually arrived and destroyed her.[1]




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