Atropals are a race of unfinished immortals modeled after the gods, who have since become undead abominations. Existing solely to spread death and destruction, atropals roam across the planes, hunting down any prey that comes their way. Others are sealed away in forgotten delves.[3]

Physical characteristicsEdit

Atropals resemble ghouls to some extent, with pale red skin, long tongues, and razor-sharp teeth. Most of the flesh of an atropal is rotted, with swollen joints and exposed bones. Unlike ghouls, however, atropals lack eyes, having instead empty, skin-covered sockets.[4]

They resemble the avatars of the elder evil Atropus.


Atropals are very durable, as well as dexterous, and when in a fight they can use this to outlast their enemies. When forced into a direct fight, however, atropals are armed with several powerful abilities. One of these is the atropos burst ability, which allows an atropal to sap the life force of their foe, though, being undead, they do not heal from this but rather gain additional energy, which they sometimes then use to attack a living creature with necrotizing touch, which not only injures the victim but hinders their competence as well. Atropals also have a unique ability known as shroud of death, which allows atropals to repair other undead creatures while bringing harm to the living. [4]

Atropal ScionsEdit

Atropal Scion - Jeremy Jarvis

Atropal Scion

An atropal scion is truly one of the most perverse undead creatures. A piece of godly flesh can become a "godling" itself, unless destroyed. If given unlife, the "atropal scion" becomes an unformed monster, resembling an overgrown dead fetus, sometimes with an umbilical cord still attached. Despite its appearance, an atropal scion is actually extremely intelligent and powerful.

An aura of cold surrounds an atropal scion, so numbing that it can draw life from the living. The scion's very gaze can cause death and they are dangerous spellcasters. Once unleashed upon a world they will quietly gather power until ready to make their claim to complete domination. [5]

An atropal scion by the name Xingax plays the part of a mad scientist in Undead by Richard Lee Byers.


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