Aundra Blacklock was a powerful Raptoran Sorceress who was the owner of a tenement building known as the God Catcher. She lived in a magical sphere that hovered above the building.

Clytemorrenestrix, a Blue dragon changed into a human by the Spellplague, came to Aundra and asked her to reverse the effects of the Spellplague, something that Aundra claimed was within her power. Aundra asked Clytemorrenestrix to break into a shop and steal a magical mask from a shop owned by the Green dragon Andareunarthex. Aundra knew that the dragons would come into conflict and that one would either be killed or driven from Waterdeep. Even though Clytemorrenestrix returned the mask to Aundra, she didn't change her back into a dragon.[1]


Aundra's head looked like a hawk's and she had white feathers.[1]


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