Auppenser[note 1] was a stoic god, and the precepts of his worship included moderation, inner balance, self-reflection, and reason.[2]


His church reached its heights in Jhaamdath - primarily in the Twelve Cities of Swords - before its imperial expansion. At this time in Jhaamdath, the Twelve Cities were ruled by a psiocracy of bladelords (cleric psions) who considered the perfection of both mind and body of the highest importance.[2]


The Elven High Magic that destroyed Jhaamdath, also severely injured Auppenser by wiping out the vast majority of his worshipers, and his faith simply fell into obscurity over the next few hundred years. All is not lost, though, as a glimmer of hope survives: a few devotees of Auppenser yet remain.[2]



  1. Auppenser was created by Ed Bonny for Lost Empires of Faerûn, but little was said about him in the official publication. Ed did, however, provide additional fluff and crunch over at the Candlekeep forums found here.

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