Aurin was a businessman and conjurer in Skullport.[1]


Aurin hailed from a country on the Sea of Fallen Stars near the Earthspur Mountains. Circa 1350 DR, he was forced out of his house and after a series of adventures, where he acquired some deepspawn, he arrived in Skullport.

There he met Chantos Graybeard, Ysele the Cat, and Lord Ithvar Wordkiller, and the four created their breeding business. In time, Aurin assumed the primary role and the jealous Ithvar challenged him to a magic duel. Aurin won and also saved the life of his opponent, gaining the nickname of Aurin the Generous.

Around 1370 DR, he became the target of a series of assassination attempts.[1]


Aurin never spoke about his past. Aside from this, he was a typical wizard: moody, secretive, and suspicious. He believed that the assassination attempts were sent by a business rival, possibly Lord Ithvar.[1]


Aurin and his three partners managed a business of breeding and selling deepspawn, usually for dungeons.[1]


Aurin despised Ithvar and also did not trust Ysvele. However, Chantos was his best friend.[1]



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