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The Auspician is a prestige class of Faerûn. The Auspician is a worshipper of a deity of luck who undergoes a ritual where he consumes a poison called Tyche's blood and believed to be derived from blood taken from the deceased goddess's corpse.[1]

Regardless of the fact that the person who desires to become an Auspician survives the effects of the poison (some Auspicians were actually resurrected after the poison killed them), the person now gains the ability to command the effects of luck in all of its forms.[1]


Tyche's Curse
The Auspician can curse an enemy, making that person uncoordinated and in a daze. [2]
Fickle Finger of Fate
The Auspician can alter the luck of another person, though not if the new luck is good or ill. [2]
Luck Infusion
The Auspician can grant himself good luck in an a specified area of his life while using this ability. As he becomes more skilled in manipulating the luck around himself, he can make this effect permanent. [2]
Luck of the Gods
An Auspician who has grown powerful enough gains the ability to grant himself good luck in even the most dire of circumstances. [2]


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