Avalanche hurlers are rangers who excel at flexibility in combat, focusing on neither melee nor ranged combat like most rangers but instead emphasizing both. Ever resourceful avalanche hurlers are equally effective in a melee or from a short distance. For this purpose avalanche hurlers specialize in the use of two smaller melee weapons that can be thrown effectively, such as daggers or small hammers. Though they lose range and damage through this avalanche hurlers gain an increased versatility beyond that of most warriors.[1]

The first avalanche hurlers are believed to have been dwarven slaves who rebelled against their giant masters and improvised the avalanche hurler's unique fighting style as a result, throwing their work tools as improvised weapons and ultimately succeeding in their rebellion. Whether these stories are true is ultimately unimportant as the style was developed indepedently by other races later on and is not a particularly dwarven tradition. However, the path of an avalanche hurler does remain an optimal one for rangers constantly beset upon by larger foes.[1]


Because the avalanche hurler's fighting style requires them to focus on the use of thrown weapons much of their training subsequently focuses on the development of strong throwing ability. Early on avalanche hurlers learn to throw their weapons swiftly and without opening up their defenses as well as to make their weapons of choice even deadlier when thrown than when used in a melee. This training, while leaving little room for anything else, gives avalanche hurlers the edge they need to overcome the flaws of their unorthodox methods. With more experience, avalanche hurlers become as accurate in their throwing attacks as most archers are with their bows.[1]

Avalanche hurler exploits have an identical focus, making the rangers more than simply proficient but rather outright deadly. With the landslide strike technique learned early on, avalanche hurlers learn to dash into battle quickly, making their attack as they do so. In order to strike swiftly the quick-draw trick is learned not long after, allowing avalanche hurlers to whip out their weapons in the blink of an eye. Then, once an enemy is struck, experienced avalanche hurlers learn to use eruption of steel in order to move swiftly on to a new one, giving little opportunity for their foes to surprise them.[1]


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