Avan Vatsisen is a Thayan wizard who was originally based in Eltabbar. He was sent by his Red Wizard master to Scornubel to oversee the transportation of rare spell components, available only in the Western Heartlands, back to Thay. He is accompanied by two flesh golems.[1]


Avan has shunned the traditional appearance of the Red Wizards and has dark hair and a full beard, although he still wears scarlet robes. He has five scars on his chest, inflicted by the claw of Arahnar. His skin is sallow.[1]


Avan always carries a ring of fire resistance, a ring of regeneration, a wand of lightning and a wand of magic missiles. He also wields a magical +2 dagger.[1]


While on a trip to Baldur's Gate, Avan met Arahnar on the roadside, and used his magic to entice her to fall for him. They made their way off the road and into a grove of trees, where Arahnar transformed into her semi-human form and attacked him, giving him five large scars on his chest. She would have killed him if his bodyguards had not been close by. Since that event, Avan has been obsessed with Arahnar to the point of following her whereabouts with a crystal ball and working on a spell which will make her fall in love with him.[1]

Unique magicEdit

Avan has developed charm lycanthrope, detect lycanthrope and protection from lycanthropy in his bid to win Arahnar's favour.[2]


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