Avolakia were aberrations who lived deep underground in small tribal units.[1]


In their natural form avolakias resembled a disgusting cross between an octopus, worm and insect. They had slimy, pale gray bodies and moved around on six tentacles, each of which had an eye. They reeked of death.[1]


Avolakia preferred to rely on magic or their own spell-like abilities in combat. They would also send their undead servants into combat and if forced into melee, would use their poisonous bite and flail with their claws.[4]


Avolakia could animate corpses several times a day and used zombies as both minions and as a food source. Although they ate flesh from living or freshly killed creatures, they much preferred to eat undead meat. The tongue of the avolakia was composed of guttural, slobbering sounds. Most avolakias understood Undercommon, but their physiology made it impossible for them to speak it.[1]


The avolakia lived in nests in the Lowerdark, defended by their undead minions. Avolakia were known to revere powers dedicated to death and decay, such as Ghaunadaur and Velsharoon.[3] It was not uncommon for avolakia to occasionally ally themselves with aboleths or the illithid, but they generally regarded humanoids as fodder to create undead.[4][3] Avolakia were known to take the form of humans with calming voices, using this ability to infiltrate religious organizations with the intent of stealing bodies to use as undead, and to twist individuals to worship their dark gods. Avolakia often infiltrated drow cities with this goal in mind.[4]



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