Avos the Fisher was a gang leader in Selgaunt.[2][1]


Avos was born among the city's fishermen but at an early age ran away and joined Selgaunt's underground. He gained a name for himself as a strong-arm robber and killer-for-hire. In time he joined the Quippers criminal fraternity and soon gained supremacy inside the organization. A longtime collaboration bound the Quippers to the Talendar family, so in 1372 DR, when Ossian Talendar needed men to help Marance Talendar's vengeance, Avos was happy to help for the right price.[1]


Avos was a bully at heart with loyalty to no one. He was merciless and cunning—traits that allowed his gang to prosper. Avos always wondered about the long-term consequence of their actions.[1]




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