Axar Xyrl was a morkoth and an arcount of the Arcanum of Olleth in Serôs in 1370 DR.[1]


Axar Xyrl was a calculating and scheming individual who spoke what he truly thought on very rare occasions. Normally Axar Xyrl remained behind the scenes and personally acted only if his subordinates were all defeated or he had a very personal interest in the matter. He greatly disliked being touched by anyone or anything.[1]


Around 1270 DR, Axar Xyrl found the Iltkazar Scepter.[2]

During the Twelfth Serôs War, Axar Xyrl tried to acquire the Claw of Xynakt during the morkoth attack on Abydos but his plan was ruined by the triton Keros.[3]

In 1370 DR, Axar Xyrl accepted an alliance with the aquatic elf tyrant Gantar Kraok in exchange for the promise to gain a copy of the Tome of Tujar the Dark Adherent, which explained all the secrets of the Dukars, but in truth he planned to betray the elf and steal all he could find.[1]

Axar Xyrl first sent his subordinates Major Qyzal and Grand Caster Duupox to organize an ambush against some surface-dweller enemies of Kraok. Later, he and Gantar Kraok entered into the battle to help his subordinates. However, Gantar did not care about hitting the morkoth and when Axar Xyrl and Duupox confronted the elf about it, Gantar insulted everyone in the place and teleported away. Thus, in revenge, Axar offered an alliance with the surface dwellers.[4]




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