[[Category:Rated 3 gp per day]]

The Axe Grinders was a bodyguard business in Skullport.[1]


The business was located off in the Central Port district of Skullport, north of the Crossed Swords tavern and the Bane's Mistress festhall.[2]


The Axe Grinders was in poor condition.[1]


If a customer wanted a bodyguard to take on a more dangerous assignment, most enforcers at Axe Grinders would do it for triple price. Such missions included leaving Skullport or entering the Underhalls.[3]


Many of the inhabitants of Axe Grinders were sellswords and down-on-their-luck mercenaries. Most bodyguards wore chainmail and fought with battleaxes and longswords.[1]


Around 1370 DR, the inn was owned by Alonyius Tackpun, who hired out bodyguards to those who had coin to spend.[1]


  • Services of bodyguard for 3 gp per day, plus meals.
  • Dangerous assignments starting at 9 gp, plus meals.



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