Axithar was a balor lord whose armies invaded the House of the Triad after the fall of Mystra.[2]


Not long after the death of Mystra (in 1385 DR), the cambion Kaanyr Vhok and his companions were captured by the marilith Vhissilka, who served Lord Axithar. Vhok abandoned his companions and allied with Axithar, providing information about the weaknesses of the House of the Triad so that Vhok could get his revenge for his treatment by the angel Tauran and so that he could reach the Lifespring, which he believed would give him the power to rule Sundabar as a glorious leader. Axithar's horde of demons invaded the plane and were nearing victory against the angels when Bahamut's legions appeared and defeated the demon armies.[2]




The Empyrean Odyssey:


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