Aya Glenmiir was an elven wizard in Phlan during the Tyranny of Dragons.


Aya was a brilliant individual, well versed in the Weave. She understood the allure and mystery that surrounded the elven race and had no scruples against using it for her vantage. Similarly she used her natural beauty.


Aya was a 300-year-old elf who was a scholar at Mantor's Library in Phlan. In 1489 DR a book propriety of the Library was stolen from her house and she was interrogated by some adventurers hired to recover it[1] Later during the Cult of the Dragon's coup in the city, she and others were captured by the cultists led by Farnvik. Freed by some adventurers, Aya wanted to escape the city with the help of Glevith, a member of the Welcomer crime syndicate whom she knew.[2] After refugee from Phlan arrived in Mulmaster Aya become one of the top advisor of resurrected Aleyd Burral.[3]




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