Azanza Mizzrym was the leader of the House Mizzrym contingent that controlled the ruins of Sulasspryn in 1367 DR.[1]


Azanza was cunning and had good diplomatic skills, which helped in her dealings with other creatures that roamed the ruins. However, her main aim was vengeance—she would do anything to kill every Drowsbane heir. She often indulged in mindless acts of cruelty.[1]


Azanza's mother was killed by Sulass Drowsbane, the founder of the city of Sulasspryn. She and her fellows waited for the right occasion to take revenge against his family. Finally, the disaster that afflicted Sulasspryn in 1306 DR indicated to House Mizzrym that the time was arrived: in the next year, Mizzrym's slaves tunneled under the city and the drow clerics invoked the power of Lolth against the city. It collapsed into the Underdark, killing many citizens and most of the Drowsbane family. Afterward, Azanza made sure that nobody tried to reconstruct the city and she wanted to find and kill the last Drowsbane heirs.[1]



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