Azhaq was a silver dragon paladin of Bahamut[2] and was the barb of the Talons of Justice after the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[3][2]


In 1373 DR, Azhaq and his fellow Moonwing tried to capture the rebellious song dragon Karasendrieth, but were defeated by Dorn Graybrook's team.[3]

After the metallic dragons changed their minds and decided to join the fight against Sammaster, Azhaq and Moonwing helped break the chromatic dragons' siege of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.[4]

After an attempt to break the magic shield of the citadel that held the secret of the Dracorage mythal, Moonwing was killed. In the final battle, most of the Talons of Justice died, even their captain Havarlan. Thus, Azhaq tasked himself with rebuilding the Talons of Justice, stronger than before,[5] eventually ascending to the rank of leader of the order.[2]




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