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An Azmyth is a small four foot long bat, with a three foot wingspan.[1] They have crested heads, bearded chins and whitepupilless eyes. Skin color ranges from leathery gray, mauve or emerald green.[1] A notable Azmyth would be Xuxa, the animal companion of noted ranger and archeologist Baylee Arnvold.[2]


The Azmyth eats flowers, small plants and insects..[1]


Azmyth have higher then average intelligence. They often form close friendships with other creatures for mutual benefit. These friendships can last a life time.[1]


Azmyth can strike with both their bite and their needle-sharp tails. They can unleash a shock attack, similar to the spell shocking grasp.[1]

Magical abilitiesEdit

Azmyth communicate by telepathy. They have the sense to know alignment. They can become invisible and create an area of silence around themselves.[1]


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