The Azuposi calendar was the calendar by which the Azuposi people of Maztica measured the months of the year.[1]


  1. I'kopu, "Turning Back Moon"
  2. Taiyamchu, "Limbs of Tree Broken By Snow Moon"
  3. O'nanulakiakwame, "No Snow in the Road Moon"
  4. Isu-muya, "Cactus Blossom Moon"
  5. Kwia-muya, "Greasewood Fence Moon"
  6. Showatsotes, "Ground Soft Like Ashes"
  7. Achin, "Corn Tassel"
  8. Hishin, "First Appearance of Corn Ear"
  9. Pa-muya, "Play Moon"
  10. Powa-muya, "Big Feast Moon"
  11. Angok-muya, "Harvest Moon"
  12. Hai-a-tassi, "Fall of the Year"[1][note 1]



  1. These correspond to the months December, January, February, ..., November, respectively.


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