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The Azuposi calendar is the calendar by which the Azuposi people of Maztica measure the months of the year.


  • I'kopu, Turning Back Moon
  • Taiyamchu, Limbs of Tree Broken By Snow Moon
  • O'nanulakiakwame, No Snow in the Road Moon
  • Isu-muya, Cactus Blossom Moon
  • Kwia-muya, Greasewood Fence Moon
  • Showatsotes, Ground Soft Like Ashes
  • Achin, Corn Tassel
  • Hishin, First Appearance of Corn Ear
  • Pa-muya, Play Moon
  • Powa-muya, Big Feast Moon
  • Angok-muya, Harvest Moon
  • Hai-a-tassi, Fall of the Year


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