Baerill was a human woman living in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. She was one of the proprietors of the Wyvern Watch Inn.


Baerill was the daughter of Buldegas Mhaerkoon, and sister to Asanta. They chatted constantly and had noisy arguments.


Buldegas Mhaerkoon was the long-time owner of the Wyvern Watch Inn, but following the devastation of the neighboring city of Arabel during the Goblin War in 1370 DR, Buldegas chose to relocate there and build a new inn. He took away his money and some of his best employees and left his daughters in charge of the Wyvern.

Baerill and Asanta had recently taken charge by 1374 DR. They conveniently forgot Buldegas's instructions about watering down the drink, and their regular banter and arguing was a popular form of entertainment there. This made the Wyvern more popular with patrons.[1]


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