Baernoloths are one of the biggest mysteries of the multiverse. They wander in solitude, they scheme and discard them for something even more terrible. According to the rumors, they created the yugoloths and demodands. Whether it's true or not, they are powerful. Even the yugoloths give them a wide berth.[citation needed]


A baernaloth is a tall, lanky creature, with long limbs. Its head is huge with large curving horns, and its mouth looks like that of a skeletal horse, with skin stretched over it. Its gray skin drips with pus, and its faraway, glassy yellow eyes ooze a revolting liquid. Though they travel alone most of the time, they occasionally take night hags or nightmares for companions.[1]

They stand about 8 feet tall and weigh 500 pounds.[citation needed]


The baernoloths are canny, unfathomable creatures. Their plans, schemes and agendas span the ages of the multiverse. The plans of a particular baern can come to fruition next week or 1000 years later.[citation needed]

They are equally capable combatants though they often toy with their opponents before transforming them into some humiliating form with their deform ability. They can mutate and control their enemies with spells.[citation needed]

They possess powerful spellcasting or psionic abilities.[citation needed]


Almost nothing is known from their schemes, and they are encountered in different forms all over the multiverse. Gehenna and the Gray Waste are their favorite places.[citation needed]


Certain texts of incalculable antiquity claim that the obyriths and a proto-race of ancient Baatorians were the spawn of the baernoloths, but this unified creation myth enjoys few proponents outside Gehenna and the Gray Waste of Hades.[citation needed]


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