Baerzlus Anagathiir was the only Red Wizards of Thay magister knew for one of the shortest reign ever.[1]


The young Baerzlus believed that becoming Magister will grant him power among his peers.[1]


Baerzlus thank to some luck managed to kill in 952 DR the hedonistic Magister Ildathchance Orlaer after discovering his refuge. However instead of the respect that he believed to receive from his fellow Baerzlus was welcomed with hostility by all red wizards. After one mage sent his slaves to kill him Baerzlus flew from Thay. After he spied from afar upon his fellows and sawing only assassin intents Baerzlus started killed one Red Wizards after one, all choose among his old foes and superiors. At last an army of Red Wizards attacked Baerzlus, all with the intent of personally kill him and claim the Magister's position, and this started one of the most terrific spell-battle ever, even creating a place of wild magic. Baerzlus was totally disintegrated like most of his attackers and Mystra and Azuth were so disgusted by the devastation and the loss of lives that decided to search in a other place the next Magister.[1]



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