Bahgtru (pronounced: /ˈbgtrBOG-troo[13]) was a rather stupid god of pure physical strength who scorned both weapons and magic alike. He was the son of Gruumsh.


Bahgtru's followers were often the strongest of the orc tribes, and were required to be unwaveringly loyal to their chieftain - until he was defeated in a challenge of physical strength or was slain. Among Bahgtru's faithful, loyalty only extended to the clan and rivalries between clans were encouraged.[13]


Bahgtru served Gruumsh loyally, and was feared by the other orc gods for his strength. He opposed the goblinoid deities, the Seldarine and sylvan deities. He respected the Dwarven gods for their strength, but would have liked to crush their skulls. Bahgtru also hated the deities of deception; Baravar Cloakshadow, Cyric, and Mask.[13]


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