The Bakshi were a yakuza clan who dominated the city of Ojy-do in Koryo around 1357 DR.[1]


At that time, the Bakshi were headed by So Golin-po, nicknamed "the Hojyko Yada", of "the mountain badger". He was the mastermind behind their rise to power.[1]


So Golin-po and the Bakshi were the true rulers of Ojy-do. Although the city was nominally ruled by a governor appointed by King Wanang Sun, the Bakshi were able to manipulate the governor. They controlled both the city guard and the criminal underworld. The Bakshi worked only to gouge money from the city. Golin-po was utterly ruthless in dealing with anyone who had the temerity to steal or con in the city, or who tried to shake his grip on power. Many who opposed the Bakshi were killed, and honorable folk had long since fled the city.[1]

Golin-po had illicit dealings with Kozakuran, which was an enemy of Koryo.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

So Golin-po's house was the largest in the city and in fact it was a fortified compound. It contained a courtyard and a formal garden; here, the Hojyko Yada executed those who offended him during martial training.[1]


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