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Bg icon This article is about elements from the Baldur's Gate series of video games.
Video games are considered canon unless they contradict content in some other Forgotten Realms publication.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is a remake of the 1998 video game Baldur's Gate and its expansion, Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast. Released in 2012, the Enhanced Edition adds several hours worth of new content, along with numerous technological improvements.

New featuresEdit

The Enhanced Edition brought 3 new characters, several new areas, and a number of new quests.

  • Rasaad yn Bashir - A Calishite monk on a journey to seek out inner solace after the death of his brother.
  • Neera - A half-elf wild mage who isn't in full control of her magic, and also seems to be a possible romance option…
  • Dorn Il-Khan - A half-orc blackguard on a path of bloody revenge.
  • The Black Pits
  • Cloud Peaks
  • Enhanced interface
  • New cinematics
  • Improved multiplayer
  • All Baldur's Gate 2 specific features included



AdoyBaeloth BarritylDorn Il-KhanDorotheaEkandorNeeraRasaad yn BashirSenjak


Cloud Peaks


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