Balismo Dey Canna was an adventurer in Maztica.[1]


Balismo was a noble of Calimport who, at the Amnian court, decided to join the expedition to Maztica. However, arriving in Helmsport, he was set to act as an overseer. Instead, he wanted to lead an expedition to find some gold and many times Balismo spoke to Lord Drakosa about this.[1]


Balismo grew bored of the "new world" in Ulatos and dreamed of leading a great expedition that would make him rich. However, he was too cautious to act without official permission. Balismo claimed he had nothing against the Mazticans, provided they obeyed his orders.[1]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Balismo Dey Canna is a pre-generated PC for use in adventures in Maztica.


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