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Balor roar
General Information
Type Tanar'ri
Subtype Demon

The demonic balor is one of the most powerful types of tanar'ri, being the second in power after the Demon Lords. They are found commanding the hordes of the Abyssal Lords, acting as generals.[citation needed]


  • "A dark aura of power surrounds this high humanoid with huge bat wings. Flames glow around his skin. It wields a lightning vorpal sword on one hand, and a many tailed whip on the other."[1]

Balors are creatures of great power, and they are one of the most terrible creatures of the Abyss. They rule as generals over demonic armies. They are the masters of plotting to gain power and destroy the innocent. Even among their own kind, balors are feared, as they motivate their kindred to spread terror and misery. A balor's height is about 12 feet tall. Its skin is usually dark red. It weighs 4,500 pounds.[1]


Notable BalorsEdit


Balor are living engines of destruction. They are demons wreathed in flesh and fire; true nightmares to behold. These huge demons slay living creatures and demons alike with impunity, desiring nothing more than to destroy anything and everything they see with wanton abandon. In the rare instances when demons amass an army, balors act as the generals of the demonic hordes.[citation needed]

Even the gods fear the sheer amount of destruction a single balor can inflict. Many of these creatures have been sealed away in divinely crafted prisons far below the surface of the world or hidden in extradimensional spaces.[citation needed]

Occasionally, a new balor will erupt from the Abyss when a great number of mortals are slain all at once. Few are willing to truly slay a balor, for the deed may cost a hero their own life. When a balor dies, its body erupts with chaotic energy, destroying everything around it with explosive fury.[citation needed]

A balor appears to be a massive demon, standing well over 14 feet tall and weighing 4,500 pounds. They have bestial heads crowned with jagged horns and a pair of bat-like wings adorned with rows of spines and spikes. Their entire body is wreathed with burning fire. Balors always carry a pair of weapons: a lightning bolt-shaped sword and a flaming whip used to capture victims and drag them into the flames generated by the demon’s body.[citation needed]



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