Baltor was a druid who lived in Dambrath.[1]


While in the shape of a dolphin, Baltor studied the enigmatic creatures who clustered off of the shores of southern Dambrath. His primary goal was to figure out the purpose of the Dance of the Dolphins. Though thirty years had elapsed since his study began, Baltor remained confident that he would solve the mystery within another few short decades.[1]


Originally from distant Cormyr, he learned the ways of the druid by studying in the Hullack Forest. Once he acquired the ability to shapechange, Baltor set out to see Faerûn. While flying over Dambrath he passed over the Bay of Dancing Dolphins during one of the Dances of the Dolphins. He returned to the Hullack Forest with tales of wonders over this beautiful event and requested that he be sent back to Dambrath to further study the dolphins.[1]



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