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Banak was once the top ranked evil priest in all the Bloodstone lands. He was 24th level until Gareth Dragonsbane and party banished Banak's demon patron Orcus, from Faerûn.

Since his patron's fall, Banak can cast 1st through 3rd level spells and occasionally casts a higher level. It is unclear how Banak maintains as much power as he has. Its possible he had a stockpile of scrolls, or he might have found a new deity. Still, Banak is experienced and evil enough to remain a threat to goodly folk of Vaasa and Damara. He is one of the top three commanders in the Citadel of Assassins alongside the Grandfather of Assassins and the archmage Knellict. His specialty is the domain of the undead. He casts animate dead on whatever corpses he can aquire, and is not averse to using his Staff of the Adder to create a few more corpses.

Magical ItemsEdit


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