Bandar al-Sa'adat was a town located on the isle of Masud Jazayir in the Nada al-Hazan archipelago within the Crowded Sea south of mainland Zakhara.[1]


The town could field a militia of 100 soldiers who were adept at defending against pirate raids. Several wizards offered magical assistance to the militia in times of need.[1]

Activities Edit

Sea trade was a major source of income for the town and also caused its population to fluctuate.[1]


This town was ruled by Mahmud Ben Aziz. His brother Karim Ben Aziz was captain of the marketplace guards. Much of Ben Aziz's family held other positions of note within the small town.[1]

Masudi islanders had a love of words, opting to speak in colorful ways to alleviate boredom. Outsiders to the island often stuck out just because of the way they spoke.[1]

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