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Bar-lguras[3] or barlguras,[2] also known as leaping demons, were ape-like tanar'ri demons.[3]


Bar-lguras were covered in reddish-brown hair and stood between 5 and 6 feet tall. They appeared similar to orangutans. They usually walked on all four limbs, but were able to stand on two legs.[3]


Bar-lguras were used as scouts and footsoldiers by more powerful demons. They preferred to fight and travel in packs, but they didn't like the company of lesser demons.[3] Bar-lguras served Demogorgon and when seen outside of the Abyss were associated with the Cult of Demogorgon.[2]


Some, but not all, bar-lguras wielded weapons and wore humanoid armor.[3] They used their powerful arms and legs to attack, as well as their claws. They set ambushes when possible.[3] They were able to use their teleport ability to teleport both themselves and enemies. A favorite tactic was to teleport an enemy into a sealed area where it could not escape.[3] Like other tanar'ri, bar-lguras could summon other demons when they were in dire straits.[4]





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