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Baraskur was the main settlement of the Ripped Gut orc tribe.[1]


The cavernous fortress of Baraskur was built in memory of a great orc hero. It stood on a slope of the Nether Mountains at the end of a rough path that flanked a precipice. The fortress was located on the southern flank of the Orcsblood Peak between Deadsnows and Sundabar. Orc raiding parties from Baraskur infested Moon Pass, Turnstone Pass, and Fork Road.[1]


An unusual guardian watched over the Orcs. Centuries ago, an outcast human sorcerer named Aumathra asked for hospitality from the orcs living in Baraskur. Aumathra died ages ago, but her ghost was still nervous. The orcs were able to calm Aumathra's ghost by donating a tall, slender female body that had black hair and was skilled at magic, giving the ghost a chance to possess her. Despite that, the ghost became upset. So the orcs started looking for someone with Aumathra's likeness. They brought a captured specimen before Aumathra's ghost during a dark ceremony where Aumathra possessed the body. She usually spending most of her time rummaging through ruins and surrounding tombs. Aumathra also commanded the Ripped Gut orc tribe like they were her loyal slaves.[1]


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