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Barbazus, also called bearded devils, were the shock troops of the Nine Hells. They led armies of lemures.[2]

Physical descriptionEdit

Barbazus were six feet (180 centimeters) tall and weighed roughly 225 pounds (102 kilograms). They had snake-like beards, oozing with disease. In battle, they often were outfitted with infernal armor, even though their scaly hides could usually deflect the typical attack.[2]


Bearded devils had aggressive personalities and loved fighting. These fiends used the extended reach of their saw-toothed glaives to their advantage. Enemies who got too close were grappled and subjected to the foul disease lingering in the devils' beards.[2]



A bearded devil on the right.

These devils were the elite soldiers of Hell's legions. They were savage fighters who would enter a frenzied rage before engaging in battle. Between wars, they found employment as guards and sentinels for more powerful devils.[2]


In 1480 DR, assassins and barbazu attacked Lasparhall in Thentia in an attempt to assassinate the rightful ruling family of Hulburg, the Hulmasters.[3]




Further readingEdit


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