Bardan ruqad, which translated in Midani as "cold sleep", was a rare poison.[1]


Bardan ruqad was a strong poison capable of instantly paralyzing the victim. Victims under the poison's effect remained helplessly inert for up to ten minutes. They were completely aware of what was happening to them during this time, after which they fell into a deep slumber that lasted several hours. This poison did not cause any physical harm in the traditional sense.[1]

Bardan ruqad even worked against all forms of undead, though they were slightly resistant to its effects when initially taking root.[1]


Though rarely encountered outside of their use of the poison, tasked messenger genies often applied bardan ruqad to their darts and daggers. The messenger genies used this to attack dangerous targets from a distance when delivering messages to them, allowing them to paralyze the target and safely deliver the message and escape before the target could retaliate.[1]



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