Barrowin Undurr was a devoted dwarf cleric of Gorm Gulthyn. She had a dour outlook on life but would always stand against evil, especially when it moved against dwarvenkind.


Barrowin was born in the area of the Great Rift, and she managed her family's business holdings in Ironmaster near Icewind Dale. She spent fifteen years there on assignment in Ironstar. Her life was not exciting enough for her, so she asked her family for relocation. When that request went unheard, she called on her deity to provide a new path.

Gorm answered indirectly. Barrowin found a new life, by falling in love with Storn Skulldark, a wealthy young Ironstar dwarf. Barrowin and Storn set out from Ironstar to build a fortress along the route from Neverwinter to Icewind Dale, within the Spine of the World mountain range.

The project had many setbacks, chief of which was the sudden disappearance of Storn Skulldark's fortune in Ironmaster. Storn traveled back without Barrowin to find his missing gold. During his journey he was attacked and carried off by a white dragon. His fate was unknown.

Barrowin was devastated by this loss. She left Ironmaster, and joined the Order of the Gauntlet.[1]


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